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Graduation Gowns Sign-Up Genius - Click HERE for the Sign-Up Genius link
requesting 6 volunteers to help check Graduation Gowns June 6;


8th Grade Celebration Sign-Up Genius - Click HERE for the Sign-Up Genius
requesting volunteers for 8th Grade Celebration June 11; and


8th Grade Dance Sign-Up Genius - Click HERE for the Sign-Up Genius for 8th
Grade Dance June 12






PLEASE BE PROMPT! Make sure your child doesn't miss a minute of the fun! Dance starts at 7p sharp & is only 2 hours long. Pick-up is at 9p sharp. Staff will walk your children to the door - please be on time & don’t keep them waiting.


PLAN AHEAD! Leave early so your child isn't late! Expect traffic delays on North Finley Avenue with lots of vehicles entering/exiting Ridge at the same time.


WHERE IS DROP-OFF & PICK-UP?  At the Ridge High School Atrium (the large arched entrance to the right as you face the building), next to the (new) Main Gym.  You’ll see our Dance decorations as you pull up.  


WHAT TO WEAR?  No expensive dress, gown, tux, formal suit or jacket necessary!  Dress code is neat (no jeans, t-shirts or shorts please).  Usual options include dress pants/khaki pants, collared and button-down shirts, dress, skirt & blouse.  Dresses may have spaghetti straps or be strapless, but not too low-cut or revealing.  Open-toe & open-heel shoes are permitted, but no flip-flops please.  


WILL THERE BE FOOD?  Yes, with Gluten-Free & Nut-Free options. Finger foods, snacks, fruit, veggies, fruit & sweet treats! Water & assorted beverages.  


DO WE HAVE TO GO?  No (but you don’t wanna miss it! 😊).  The Dance is not mandatory, but students must be in school the entire day in order to attend.

DO WE NEED TICKETS? Nope. The Dance is open to all 8th Graders.


DO WE NEED TO BRING MONEY?  No.  Everything is included.


DO WE NEED DATES?  No.  This is not a couples dance, but a CLASS event for the entire 8th Grade, to celebrate the culmination of their WAMS experience.  Go Vikings!