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What to Expect at WAMS During 7th Grade

Disclaimer: Please note that this information is being provided by WAMS PTO as a courtesy for general informational purposes only, and is not official school policy.  Information is subject to change, and families should consult the current WAMS Student/Parent handbook as well as communications from WAMS administration and staff for official policies and procedures. 


Summer prior to 7th grade

  • Over the summer, student schedules, team assignments and bus assignments will be posted to Genesis. In order to view them, BOTH Parents/Guardians AND students must log in to Genesis and complete the required forms. Parents/Guardians should use their email/login, and students must use their own student email/login to complete all forms.
  • Toward the end of summer, WAMS typically hosts (i) an Open House for all families, which is a chance for parents and students to visit the school together and locate the student’s classrooms for the coming year (note: teachers are not present for Open House); and (ii) an orientation for “new to District” families of students who are transitioning to WAMS from a non-BTSD school.


Teams: 7th graders may get a new team color (Green, Blue, Gold) for 7th grade.



  • WAMS students have PE every day for 3 marking periods. The other marking period, they have Health instead of PE.
  • Typically, students are required to change for PE. Most students keep a pair of athletic sneakers and change of clothing in their lockers, as well as deodorant.



  • 7th graders all have 6 cycles throughout the year: Art, Computers, Creative Engineering, Dance 7, Applied Engineering, and Foods. Each cycle lasts six weeks.
  • In the spring of 7th grade, students get to select 2 electives that they would like to take in 8th grade. The school tries to provide students with their preferred electives, but this is not guaranteed.


  • Band, chorus and orchestra electives are operated as a pull out program during the school day (usually during a cycle class, foreign language, or PE). Some of the ensembles also have rehearsal once a week after school, or during lunch if they aren’t able to attend after school.
  • WAMS also has various try-out based music ensembles that meet after school.

7th Grade Field Trip

  • Each Fall, the entire 7th grade has a field trip, usually to Medieval Times. Permission slips for the trip are sent out in the Fall.



  • All WAMS after-school athletic programs are run through the WAMS Athletic Organization (“WAMS AO”). A parent-run non-profit organization, WAMS AO works with school administration and the Bernards Township Board of Education to provide athletic opportunities for WAMS Students. http://www.wamsao.com
  • All WAMS athletic programs are “pay-to-play” and require advance registration and appropriate student health documentation that must be completed by parents with physicians. Typically, registration for Fall athletics opens in June, and Winter and Spring athletics a few months prior to each. It's especially important to watch these deadlines, since spots are limited and athletic programs tend to fill up quickly. Although teams are generally by try-out for 7th and 8th graders, several clinics are offered to 6th graders as well.
  • Fall sports offerings include: Field Hockey, Girls Volleyball, Soccer, Cross-Country Teams, and Basketball and Volleyball Clinics.
  • Winter: Basketball and Boys’ Volleyball.
  • Spring: Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Lacrosse, and Volleyball and Basketball Clinics.


Clubs and After-School Activities

  • In the early Fall, a catalog of clubs and after school activities is distributed in the WAMS Friday Folder. The offerings change year to year depending on advisor availability, space, demand, etc.
  • There are two categories of after school activities at WAMS - Free and Pay-to-Play
  • Some examples are: student council, yearbook, speech and debate, arts & crafts, gaming, etc.


Spring Musical

  • There is one audition-based school musical that typically runs in the Spring. Try-outs typically take place in late Fall and are open to all grade levels. In addition to performing roles, opportunities are also available for stage crew, set design, etc.


  • Teacher recommendations for 8th grade math placement occur in the spring.

Summer Assignments

  • Prior to the conclusion of 7th grade, any summer assignments for 8th grade are shared. Except for certain math classes, summer assignments are typically optional.