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What to Expect at WAMS During 6th Grade

Disclaimer: Please note that this information is being provided by WAMS PTO as a courtesy for general informational purposes only, and is not official school policy.  Information is subject to change, and families should consult the current WAMS Student/Parent handbook as well as communications from WAMS administration and staff for official policies and procedures. 


Spring of 5th grade - In the spring, each of the District’s four elementary schools attends an information session at WAMS to help them understand what to expect in 6th grade.


Summer prior to 6th grade

  • Over the summer, student schedules, team assignments and bus assignments will be posted to Genesis. In order to view them, BOTH Parents/Guardians AND students must log in to Genesis and complete the required forms.  Parents/Guardians should use their email/login, and students must use their own student email/login to complete all forms.  
  • Toward the end of summer, WAMS typically hosts (i) an Open House for all families, which is a chance for parents and students to visit the school together and locate the student’s classrooms for the coming year (note: teachers are not present for Open House); and (ii) an orientation for “new to District” families of students who are transitioning to WAMS from a non-BTSD school.


First day of 6th grade

  • 6th graders typically report to the auditorium first and then will go to their homerooms together.  This information is typically provided by the school to parents in advance of the first day.  



  • Students will each get a unique locker number and combination on the first day of school.  The 6th grade team of teachers works with them to get used to using their lockers. 
  • Students also typically get a separate locker for PE sometime during the first 2 weeks of school.


“Teams” - Students are assigned to 1 of 3 teams (Gold, Green, Blue) consisting of different groups of teachers, for organizational purposes. All teams have the same courses, etc. and there is no significance to the colors. WAMS runs various community-building activities among teams throughout the year, culminating in a school-wide Field Day in early June where students from all 3 grades participate in various indoor and outdoor games and activities. 



  • WAMS students have PE every day for 3 marking periods.  The other marking period, they have Health instead of PE.   
  • Students are required to change clothing for PE.  Most students keep a pair of athletic sneakers and change of clothing in their lockers, as well as deodorant.


Cycles - 6th graders all have 6 cycles throughout the year: Art 1, Art 2, Study Strategies, Design & Problem Solving, Music, and Controls & Mechanisms.  Each cycle lasts six weeks.



  • Band, chorus and orchestra electives are operated as a pull out program during the school day (usually during a cycle class, foreign language, or PE). Some of the ensembles also have rehearsal once a week after school, or during lunch if they aren’t able to attend after school.
  • WAMS also has various try-out based ensembles that meet after school.


6th Grade Field Trip

  • Every Fall, the entire 6th grade goes on a field trip to Camp Bernie, where students are divided into small groups for team building activities.  Each color team goes on the field trip a different day.  Permission slips for the trip are sent out in the Fall. 



  • All WAMS after-school athletic programs are run through the WAMS Athletic Organization (“WAMS AO”).  A parent-run non-profit organization, WAMS AO works with school administration and the Bernards Township Board of Education to provide athletic opportunities for WAMS Students.  http://www.wamsao.com 
  • All WAMS athletic programs are “pay-to-play” and require advance registration and appropriate student health documentation that must be completed by parents with physicians. Typically, registration for Fall athletics opens in June, and Winter and Spring athletics a few months prior to each. It's especially important to watch these deadlines, since spots are limited and athletic programs tend to fill up quickly. Although teams are generally by try-out for 7th and 8th graders, several clinics are offered to 6th graders as well. 
  • Fall sports offerings include: Field Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross-Country Teams, and Basketball and Volleyball Clinics. 
  • Winter: Basketball and Boys’ Volleyball. 
  • Spring: Basketball Clinics


Clubs and After-School Activities

  • In the early Fall, a catalog of clubs and after school activities is distributed in the WAMS Friday Folder.  The offerings change year to year depending on advisor availability, space, demand, etc.
  • There are two categories of after school activities at WAMS - Free and Pay-to-Play
  • Some examples are: student council, yearbook, speech and debate, arts & crafts, gaming, etc. 


Spring Musical

  • There is one audition-based school musical that typically runs in the Spring. Try-outs typically take place in late Fall and are open to all grade levels. In addition to performing roles, opportunities are also available for stage crew, set design, etc.



  • Each Spring, Math Teachers make recommendations for students’ math placement the following year. 


Summer Assignments

  • Prior to the conclusion of 6th grade, any summer assignments for 7th grade are shared.  Except for certain math classes, summer assignments are typically optional.